Why now is the right time for a new kind of Vision

This is Heading 1 and is used for the ‘Stand First’ or first sentence.

This is Heading 4 and is used for the main body copy.

Use ‘Block Quotes’ option (“) from the format bar,  for this kind of effect

And then go back to Heading 4 for the rest of the copy.

If you need more options, e.g. Indentations, change colour, strike through or horizontal lines, click on the ‘More Options’ (looks like a keyboard, kind of) button on the formatting bar

Bloom (the purple button on the format bar) – is a plug in for email subscription…we don’t use it.

Add ET learn more block – we don’t need to use it


About Verbal Identity

We are writers, strategists and linguistics experts: super-specialists in the magic and mechanics of language. We know how language creates thinking. And how – if you shape the language of your company, your comms and your customers – you shape what people think and do, read more…

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