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There are some great resources available when you want to learn more about verbal branding and creating a strong brand voice. If you’d like to read more about creating memorable brand language, take a look at this Guardian article. If you’d like to find out more about tone of voice in general, take a look at these verbal identity and branding resources. If you’d like to find verbal branding and verbal identity videos, read on

If you’re interested in copywriting training:

What books must you read if you want to be a copywriter? 

Why copywriting training is about creating simple writing.

Want to hear one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential thinkers talking about this subject (and Ghostbusters)?

Stephen Pinker talks in this video about verbal branding.

Why good copywriting is good business:

A video about how you can audit your brand’s tone of voice

A video about why good writing is good for business.

Here’s a video about how to keep a brand voice consistent, even while it flexes

115 million companies in the world – how many ever said anything you remembered, even 2 minutes later?

If you’d like to watch a general introduction video about why verbal identity and verbal branding are important, here’s the CEO of Verbal Identity explaining what motivated him to set up the company.

Have you found any videos you like? If so, drop us a line and we’ll share them.




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