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The most popular writer courses we’ve seen for brands


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We’ve often said that you can’t hire the best writers: you have to train them.
And something that many other people say, is that the best copywriter training courses for copywriters (and non-writers) are run by writers.

We are proud to work with some of the world’s most famous companies, including Alphabet, Co-Op, and General Motors. We are equally happy to be training the copywriters at many ambitious start-ups.

Over the last ten years we’ve found that team leaders regularly ask for some of the same courses.

These include how you train your brand writers to make the brand voice more competitive, how you can help brand copywriters to judge their own work and self-critique.

A consistent request from Customer Experience directors and CMOs is how you can train writers to keep the brand consistent but flex it for different channels and different situations.

Writing for different audiences is always critical, whether that’s in different channels or the same channel.

As team leaders are being asked to be responsible for the impact of their copy, they’re being asked, How do you evaluate your brand voice’s effectiveness and our Evaluation Copy is also popular.

Every good writer wants to get better and our Copywriting Masterclass remains popular.

Our courses are ‘off the shelf’ for groups of 12-200 (often run virtually) and bespoke for smaller groups with specific needs. In between, we offer a more cost-effective ‘made to measure’ service, offering our courses fine-tuned to a general company need. Read more about Verbal Identities writing courses. 

All copywriter training courses can now be run virtually.

Please email for more details and our availability.

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