What’s wrong with most tone of voice in tech?

Truth is, you can’t change everything about your brand’s tone of voice.

Not all in one go, anyway.

The big problem we see in tone of voice in tech is that there’s too much, erm, tech.

Most of your clients aren’t as knowledgeable as your CPO.

So what should you change first if you want to get it right when it comes to your tone of voice in tech?

We’d advise, like getting tone of voice right for any brand, to focus on the urgent and critical first.

How do you do that?

We’ve been doing tone of voice guidelines and tone of voice training for, (ahem, is it really?) 20 years now.

We know what we’re doing.

At least, our esteemed tone of voice clients do.

And our Founder, Chris West, wrote the #1 best-selling book on tone of voice.

In Chapter 34, he shares a way to identify what’s critical and urgent and worth changing.

Whether that’s the tone of voice in tech brands or any other brand.

Here’s that chapter, for free:

tone of voice in tech

brand tone of voice in tech


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