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Language is constantly evolving. Politicians talk differently, comedians get edgier. None of us sound like we used to. So how do you keep your brand’s tone of voice relevant? How do you make it consistent, even as it flexes in different channels?

We have 10 years’ experience as a specialist tone of voice agency. We create effective guidelines and brand voices for the world’s fastest growing businesses.

Our unique method makes a brand voice relevant and consistent by defining it on all three levels of communication: the overarching narrative, the personality and the details.

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 How Tone of Voice Guidelines increase creativity and save time and money

Tone of voice guide examples

Find out how Mulberry used guidelines to save thousands of hours

Tone of Voice guidelines

Ready for your next social media ‘must do’ channel? Is the CEO about to say the right thing in the right way? Are your customer service letters improving customer satisfaction – or killing it? Today, a brand’s language works everywhere, all the time. So, a brand’s tone of voice guidelines need to be comprehensive and inspiring for everyone.

Our unique process completely defines the brand voice on all three levels of communication, and mixes in exercises and detailed examples. It’s won us a reputation for creating practical and inspiring tone of voice guidelines. Even better, they’re welcomed equally by agency partners and in-house teams, meaning everyone starts writing with one voice, sooner.

This Fintech expanded rapidly with clear tone of voice guidelines

Alphabet’s X identified clear ROI with a brand voice audit

Brand Voice Audit

Is your brand voice as effective as 5 years ago? What can you do to make it best-in-sector? Or best-in-world? And would that actually make any real commercial difference to your business?

Begin with an in-depth audit of your brand voice’s current effectiveness to prove the ROI of updating it and what will be needed. Change is never easy. But with these hard commercial values proven, it’s easier to win support and budget.

Make your brand voice heard.


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