The Intern’s role at Verbal Identity

A few questions about you:

Are you rigorous enough to work for McKinsey, creative enough to work for adam&eve, and smart enough to suspect there’s a more effective way to help CEOs and their organisations?

When you speak and write, do you choose the most effective words (not the longest ones)?

Are you comfortable speaking to a CMO one minute, their retail staff the next?

About Verbal Identity:

We’re a strategic brand consultancy based in North Oxford.

We help visionary CEOs of brand-centric companies use language to define who they are and what they stand for – then bring that to life effectively.

Our work in language helps our clients engage their customers faster and more cost effectively, it builds loyalty, it de-positions their rivals and makes them uncopyable.

About the role:

We’re looking for an intern who can join us for a minimum of 6 weeks. (There might also be a 3-month position available).

You’ll report direct to the MD (Chris West).

You’ll help Chris to develop our business. This might include finding prospective clients; doing very tedious admin; managing our social media; and other work as it arises.

You’ll also have the opportunity to work directly on client projects with our consulting team, if possible. Typically, you’d be researching, interviewing, benchmarking, and modelling. We’ll expect you to develop your own insights, and add value to our clients’ businesses.

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