The best kind of copywriter training?

Smart teams need nourishing.
And we all want the best kind of training. Whether that’s general training or copywriter training.
But what if we don’t have all the training budget we want?
Buying someone in your department a book often does a lot of the same job.
£15 vs. £1500?
That’s an easy decision: it’s at least worth a try.
But which books?
For the smart-thinking team who are too convinced of their own thinking?
Try Adam Grant’s Think Again.
I hosted my CEOs book club for this title and it was our best evening ever.
For the overwhelmed team.
I read this book and it changed my attitude to everything.
The book that made me realise what an underachiever I am.
Listening to the BBC serialisation of this book? Jaw on the floor.
I have a personal story of Robert Maxwell on the loo.
I’d be happy to share with you. Just ask.
The book we all ‘should’ read.
I’m no fan of ‘should’ statements.
But I hate corruption and hacking more.
So perhaps I should read this book.
The book that lost me two new clients
And it’s my book!
Two clients wanted to work with us on their brand voice. I recommended my book.
I thought they might come back and ask me for some of my own, best kind of writing training.
Didn’t happen.
They said they can do it on their own, now.
I’m kind of gutted. Kind of thrilled!
If your want your teams to use all the power of language to win customers, deepen loyalty and de-position rivals, I’d reluctantly recommend this wonderful, Amazon #1 best seller: STRONG LANGUAGE

“This is the book that’ll help you create a brand voice your customers (and your CEO) will listen to.”
Peter Markey, CMO, Boots UK

I hope you’ve had a good year.
Ready for a break?
Me too.
Have fun.
Stay safe.
See you next year.
Maybe next year, we’ll have a chat about brand tone of voice and training your writers soon?

PS If you’re looking for the ‘best kind of writing training’ why not email me. We’ll openly share what we see is good out there, not just what we do.

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