Votary: A natural product needs a tone of voice that sounds natural

Industry: Skincare
Size: Start-up
Challenge: Define clear brand voice guidelines .

2 Founders
spare time
pages to define the brand voice comprehensively.

A natural product needs a tone of voice that sounds natural

Charlotte Semler and Arabella Preston, the founders of VOTARY, walked and talked the brand. But they wanted our help in creating a verbal identity for the brand, so they and their team could write it, too.

We had already created a strong brand positioning and naming strategy. So, they asked us to do two things: write the packaging copy; and define their tone of voice, so they could write their own copy – confidently and consistently – in the future.

Tone of Voice is better spoken

The key insight that fed our thinking throughout the project was that Votary should feel like a private consultation with Arabella.

To capture her tone of voice, we recorded Arabella as she spoke about the products, and how she would recommend that people use them. We transcribed the recordings and analysed the rhythms and tropes of her speech. What was particularly noticeable, was the way Arabella combined short, direct sentences with sensory verbs and adjectives. She used these techniques (unconsciously) to paint a picture of each step of the VotaryY ritual.

From this analysis, we created verbal patterns and a consistent messaging structure. It helped us to create Votary’s verbal identity guidelines, to write the copy, and it gave Charlotte and Arabella the confidence to write for the brand.

Better than we can say it

Votary has been winning plenty of press attention. To see our writing, please visit the Votary website. Or even better, buy some Votary from their website.

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