Teknavo: How to talk tech to CEOs

Industry: Tech
Size: Global
Challenge: Rapidly reshape the narrative of the brand to reflect the start of a new era. 

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Jay Palmer, the Founder of the global software development company Teknavo, had re-engineered his business. Now he needed to re-engineer what people thought of his brand. The problem was, CEO’s switched off when they heard the word ‘software’. Maybe you just did, too?

He asked us to find a way to build a narrative and launch a compelling proposition in an otherwise-dull space. From there, we would then be able to build a brand language that would bring his energy into the brand’s website, to make sure that CEO’s would read past the first sentence.

From developing software to developing strategy

We interviewed Teknavo’s senior team, conducted a linguistic audit of their competitors, their customers, and the wider market, to find Teknavo’s strategic sweetspot.

We saw that there are companies who develop bespoke software. There are others who hire software developers for you. There are also plenty of consultants who analyse business strategy. But only Teknavo does all three of these.

That’s what earns them time in the Boardroom: they aren’t techies in a CEO’s world and they aren’t strategists in a techies’ world. They understand software isn’t a problem to be fixed – software can build businesses.

Speaking different languages to different audiences

We developed this insight into a new positioning for Teknavo, which showed they could hold a conversation with different departments in their clients’ companies.

This thought guided our writing for their new website, which you can see here.

Better than we can say it

Verbal Identity were very efficient, and very effective. They listened very well, communicated well, and acted on the feedback.

Tom Cox, Senior Partner, Teknavo.

Teknavo have since asked us to look at their sales materials and other comms.

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