SABMiller: Quenching a client’s thirst for NPD

Industry: Brewery
Size: Global
Challenge: Positioning strategy for NPD

12 concepts created
1 chosen

One of the two biggest brewers in the world, SABMiller needs to continually introduce new products in order to maintain its market leadership.

Brand Manager Stephanie Spesia realised that there was an opportunity for a radically new beer to be introduced to an audience who currently didn’t like beer – no small job.

Stephanie asked us to look at how we could make the brand’s positioning clearly different, but still make sure it had ‘beer’ values, since it would be distributed via established channels.

Creating a brand from scratch

Armed with a pile of market research gathered over 18 months, a new bottle design, label and a visual identity, our team of writers set about exploring the potential of the new beverage.

After many days (and late nights) working in partnership with the client, we finally cracked it. We unearthed 3 previously unobserved insights, which led us directly to 3 unique and distinctive positionings.

We then took each positioning and using our knowledge of linguistics, phonetics and etymology we were able to produce no less than 80 naming variations; more than enough to demonstrate their flexibility and potential.

Delivering a brand story in just 20 words

The final stage of the process was to trim down the multiple variations into a few of the most valued concepts, and then neatly summarize each newly-developed brand persona in just 20 well-chosen words.

Better than we can say itOur concepts are currently being presented to research groups on the next step to its launch. If you would like more details, please contact us.

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