Hunter: Everyday Pioneers

Industry: Luxury and Fashion
Size: Mid-tier
Challenge: Capture the emotional core of the company with a mission statement. 

film inspired by our mission statement.

How do you give a brand an emotion? A mission statement becomes a brand film

We live in a rational world. But kick a Mathematics Professor in the shin and still get an emotional reaction. So, how do you make sure that you capture your brand’s emotional values?

ETBs (Emotions-to-Believe)

Alasdhair Willis, the Creative Director of Hunter, asked us to work with him on the relaunch of the brand, including the writing of a Mission Statement. We realised it was important that this statement included the emotional values of the brand we were asking people to believe in, as much as the rational Reasons-to-Believe (sometimes called the RTBs).

With this insight, we wrote the Mission Statement as a rousing speech. And then spent time in a recording studio to capture its full power.

Don’t tell me you’re passionate. Show me

Alasdhair liked the Mission Statement so much, he commissioned a film to go with it: a perfect demonstration of how the emotions had moved him.


The film was initially shown to the new investors, at a critical meeting, where the new brand look-and-feel was being sold in.

The new brand proposals were approved and the film was so loved that it now appears on Hunter’s website.

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