Eagle Genomics Homepage copywriting

Industry: Tech
Size: Growth
Challenge: Change the market dynamics

3x client engagement

How do you use tone of voice to make a complex proposition simple?
Some brand language is critical. Here’s how we paid attention to tone of voice in the homepage copywriting for this data science business.

Eagle Genomics’ platform is designed to help large enterprises such as Unilever and GSK make better use of vast, complex and unconnected data sets so they can radically step change the outcomes of their research into the microbiome. All markets are complex and volatile, but the CEO of Eagle Genomics faced a bigger-than-usual challenge: there’s no clear market definition for what they do.

Their offering also requires buy-in from multiple client departments with distinctly different motivations. Their product offering was extremely science-dense, so it could engage scientists at their potential clients, but that approach often left other departments confused about the advantage of considering Eagle Genomics.

As the business considered another round of funding, the CEO saw the need for a clearer declaration of their business, with a complete rework of their website. We  were appoionted as their tone of voice agency by the CEO to clarify their proposition and then create their home page copy. Throughout, we had to keep the explanation simple without dumbing it down. Oh yes, and we should convey the ambition of the company through the language as well.

Think first, write later.
Eagle Genomics’ home page copy is now resolved into 7 clear frames. To get to that level of clarity, though, required months of careful investigative work into the current market offerings, client needs and the platform’s capabilities.

As always, we immersed ourselves into the market and players to understand the dynamics. We then conducted a round of carefully constructed interviews with key people at Eagle Genomics – not just the leadership team, but people who’d been there a long time, people with deep product knowledge and other people who could offer a distinctive insight into the business.

We followed these interviews with a series of confidential, off-the-record interviews with client leaders, digging into exactly what they needed, the pain points they felt and what future they saw for Eagle Genomics.

“No one wants a friend with features, they want a friend with benefits”
One of the main challenges with new market offerings is separating the features of the offering from the benefits to the client. It’s only the latter which will de-position competitors and move the market.

We constantly reviewed the client interviews until we were able to focus on a theme which would unify the clients’ data scientists, research scientists and commercial directors: their joint need to somehow create a step change innovation in order to produce a step change in customer offerings.

There was one further benefit we saw, though. Many businesses were trying to serve this market by weaving together different data sets into a data fabric.  Eagle Genomics realised that this didn’t solve the problem of navigating vast and complex data sets, it just made them more connected.

“What’s the easiest way to find a needle in a haystack? Ask the haystack where it is.”
Throughout our discussions with Eagle Genomics, we’d had multiple discussions with the CEO and the Chief Data Scientist. These were frankly intensely cerebral as the conversation navigated areas such as metascience, p-hacking, cybernetics and ‘conversation theory’.

But from these conversations, we were able to bring to the surface something truly unique about Eagle Genomics’ platform: it isn’t just weaving the ‘data fabric’. Its approach to data science, UX/UI and bringing them together meant that data sets would, for the first time ever, become an active knowledge partner with the research scientist, entering into ‘a conversation’.

Message hierarchy and homepage copywriting
From this breakthrough moment, and from understanding the key benefit of the offering, we were able to create a theme which would lead readers through the homepage, keeping the proposition clear, while engaging multiple audiences – and showing Eagle Genomics’ outrageous ambition.
Better than we can say it:
After this homepage copywriting project, Verbal Identity has been asked to continue to work closely with the CEO on other projects, including the development of a Challenger Identity for the whole brand and a distinct set of marketing activities.

“Chris has liberated a whole range of creativity, it’s fundamentally helped us reshape our thinking about how to promote and sell the product and the platform.”
Anthony Finbow, CEO, Eagle Genomics

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