In The Press

Edge Magazine, June 2022

Our CEO discusses how language can be used to turn companies into communities by putting words to work.

Muse by Clio, June 2022

Isn’t it time to think about how our brands are talking? Chris West, our CEO, shares his vews on the critical role of voice in a changing world.

MediaCat Magazine, March 2022

Chris West, our CEO, reviews three books on creativity, from tips like ‘The Seduction’, to your leadership team pooling skills to survive a zombie apocalypse

The Business Book Awards, March 2022

SHORTLISTED! “Strong Language” the Amazon #1 best-selling book by our CEO, Chris West, has been shortlisted at the prestigious Business Book Awards UK 2022.

We are delighted to have been nominated by the jury onto the shortlist for these awards. Winners will be announced in May.

Elite Business, January 2022

Elite Business Magazine asked our Founder, Chris West if CEOs can add value to their own business just by crafting their language more carefully.

The Telegraph, December 2021

The Telegraph asked us what we thought should be ‘The Word of 2021’. Cheugy? Brain-Tickler? Quanranteen?

Talk Radio Europe, December 2021

Radio presenter Giles Brown interviewed our CEO, Chris West, about his new book Strong Language and the importance for a company to have a distinctive voice. 

Forbes, December 2021

Forbes asked our Founder, Chris West, about the power of tone of voice and writing.

BBC Radio, December 2021

Chris West, our Founder here at Verbal Identity, has been asked by BBC radio to comment on the language of business, tone of voice and Word of the Year for 2021

Irish Tech News, November 2021

Irish Tech News asked Chris West, Founder of Verbal Identity: Which businesses are most successful at using language? 

House of Beautiful Business, November 2021

What’s the ultimate power of Copywriting? Description or creation of value?

CEO Today, November 2021

CEO Today asked us to explore the similarities between billionaires Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, and Steve Jobs.

The Marketing Society, UK. November 2021

The UK’s Marketing Society asked our CEO, Chris West, his views on what happens when a brand’s tone of voice is out of date.


Newstalk, November 2021

Bobby Kerr interviewed our CEO, Chris West about his new book Strong Language and the importance of Tone.

WARC, November 2021

Talk is cheap, language is valuable. Discover how to measure the ROI of your brand voice by Chris West, CEO of Verbal Identity.

We Are The City, October 2021

We Are the City asked us our views on the importance of brand language when speaking to customers or anyone who comes across a company.

CEO Today, October 2021

The world’s leading magazine for fast growth CEOs recognised STRONG LANGUAGE, the best-selling book by Chris West, as one of the books to read in 2022 to understand customers…

The Marketing Society, UK. June 2021

The UK’s Marketing Society asked us our views on how brand tone of voice needs to change post-Pandemic. Our lead thought: careful how you change your brand voice…

Creative Brief, UK. December 2020

Any brand can get the customer’s attention, but how do you retain it? Verbal Identity’s CEO describes how a tone of voice agency is instrumental in an “Engagement Economy”.

Marketing Communication News, UK. November 2020

Marcommnews celebrates our recent wins with global brands for more brand tone of voice consultancy projects

The Marketing Society, UK. November 2020

The Marketing Society asked us, as a tone of voice consultancy, what we thought about the new book by Netflix’s CEO, Reed Hastings. Our CEO’s view: perhaps rules are a good thing after all.

The Marketing Society, UK. November 2020

What John Schoolcraft of and VP-elect Kamala Harris know about brand language magnifying your brand – and the dangers of getting it wrong. Chris West, Founder of UK brand tone of voice agency Verbal Identity, talks about controlling your brand voice.

The Marketing Society, UK. March 2020

How can your brand speak up if it doesn’t have a real voice? Chris West, Founder of UK tone of voice agency and brand language strategist, discusses why your brand must have a comprehensively defined voice.

The Marketing Society, UK. February 2020

Is it time for traditional banks to update their brand language? Can they match the neobanks and challenger banks’ brand tone of voice? Chris West was invited by the UK’s Marketing Society to comment.

The Financial Brand, 7th March 2019

Chris and Sophie give practical advice on the rights tasks and tone for your chatbot.

Retail Tech News, 24th August 2018

Our senior consultant, Al Hussain, has his article on how to beat tech giants like Amazon featured in Retail Tech News.

The Grocer, 9th August 2018

Chris’s letter on Tesco’s new discount store, Jack’s, is featured in The Grocer. A novel format needs a novel voice to stand out.

Little Black Book, 6th August 2018

Chris writes about whether Brexit is putting the Made in Britain tag in peril, and what brands can do about it.

Just Entrepreneurs, 30th July 2018

Chris’ article, ‘A strong Brand Vision is the cornerstone to Start-up Success’ is published in Just Entrepreneurs

CIM’s Exchange, 6th July 2018

Chris’s commentary for CIM’s feature, ‘Crisis comms – how planning keeps business agile.’

Management Today, 3rd July 2018

Chris’s article in Management Today, ‘Made in Britain: Unmade by Brexit?’

CEO Today, 29th June 2018

How do you turn around a business? Not by bringing in management consultants- at least not until you have your strategic Vision decided. Chris gives his insight into House of Fraser’s difficulties., 25th June 2018

Chris’s article in, ‘What can retailers learn from WHSmith being voted worst High Street brand?’

The Drum, 18th June 2018

Chris’s article on the merger between Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank with Virgin Money.

The Grocer, 8th June 2018

Chris’s article on how a Unified Vision could save W H Smith and other High Street retailers from disaster.

Little Black Book, June 2018

Sophie’s article on the career choice for millennials who want to use left-brain and right-brain published by Little Black Book online.

Transform Conference, September 2017

Al was invited to speak at the Transform conference recently, to talk about how we’re defining and implementing a new brand voice for Britain’s best-loved carmaker.

Chris Speaks at the Museum of Brands, March 2017

Chris was invited to speak at the Museum of Brands about the past, present and future of brand language.

D&AD Professional Awards, January 2017

Chris announced as a jury member for D&AD’s Writing for Design category.

Telegraph Festival of Business, November 2016

Al was invited to speak about the role of language in the growth of SMEs at FOB2016.

Independent Online, January 2016

Chris gives advice on how to manage your emails better in 2016.

Daily Mirror, January 2016

Chris contributed to ‘How to…Emails’ in the Daily Mirror.

FT Weekend Magazine, August 2015

The FT’s Managing Editor, Gillian Tett, recently wrote about the evolution of language. She asked Chris to send a letter to comment.

Market Leader Magazine, 2015

Chris West reviews Alex McKie’s book, Alex’s Journey, for Market Leader magazine.

Transform Magazine, January 2015

Chris talks about the 4 adjectives to avoid in a tone of voice document (and why you should avoid a tone of voice document).

Guardian, October 2014

How do you make sure your brand’s carefully crafted copy lives on past sunset?

Customer Experience Magazine, October 2014

You don’t need to spend more on market research. You just need to listen harder.

Management Today, October 2014

Chris West comments on Apple’s brand language, with Rhymer Rigby for Management Today.

The Economist, September 2013

Brand naming and the end of corporate magnificence.

Little Black Book, November 2016

Chris’ article on language & branding published by Little Black Book online.

Campaign Brief, November 2016

Chris featured in Australian advertising magazine, Campaign Brief.

Marketing, October 2016

Chris chairs the first ever Verbal Identity Jury at the London International Awards.

Chris Heads the Verbal Identity Jury at the LIA

Chris is the President of the inaugural Verbal Identity Branding Jury at the 2016 London International Awards in Las Vegas.

He is joined by Ben Zimmer, columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Laurel Sutton (Strategist & Linguist at Catchword Branding), Steve Martin (Creative Director, Eat Creative Japan), Rachel Bernard (Vice President, Verbal Strategy), and Sean Doyle (Owner, Panic Ltd).

Campaign Japan, August 2016

Chris writes for Campaign Japan on the power of voice in branding.

Marketing Week, March 2016

Chris West tells Marketing Week’s readers about the importance of having a verbal identity.


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