A reliable, robust process

How we create lasting change

In a fast-moving, complex world, we all need a dependable path to follow. From Verbal Identity’s earliest days, we’ve merged the frameworks of a consultancy with the creativity of an agency. Our clients can see ahead to every step of the process while still being pleasantly surprised by the creative outcomes. And from the beginning, we are all working together to create lasting change. 

This carefully constructed, 5-step process has been developed over more than 10 years, working with global businesses and start-ups, in b2b and b2c, from luxury to tech and everything in between.  It is human-first and flexible, always creating dependable outcomes.

b2b tone of voice



Everyone on board

In this 90-minute call with key people, we look for common goals and concerns, we map the whole project and finish with everyone fully aligned on what the project will deliver for them.



Design for ROI

Once everyone is on-board, we look for how the project can give 5x return on the budget –  minimum.
Together with you, we identify where the opportunities are, what’s needed for quick and long term wins, how these will affect the business and what exactly’s needed.



One Voice

Seeing what changes will have the greatest impact means we can define the brand voice properly. Using our proprietary framework, we define the voice on all 3 levels, create inspiring guidelines plus examples of ‘hero’ copy. This is always in-step with teams, so everyone feels ownership of the new voice.



Make it better

We are experienced at looking for marginal gains in how the brand voice is used and how effective it can be. Working 1:1 with you, we look at skillsets, practical details like briefing templates, and everything else that will help you produce more work, more on-brand, faster.



Make it stick

Now that everyone feels ownership of the the new brand voice, we make sure there’s lasting change. This is more than training and coaching: we work on new beliefs and behaviours, and inducting the whole company – freeing you from day-to-day management of the new voice.

Good work happens only with good process


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