Writing in Real Life®: how departments can write more copy, more consistently, in less time and stay sane

A lunch-and-learn with Chris West, Founder, Verbal Identity.


Do any of the following sound familiar? 

Your team is so successful that it’s now being asked to write more copy for more channels. The only problem is, there’s no more time and definitely no more writers to do it all.

External partners don’t seem to grasp what the brand voice is…however much time you spend explaining it to them.

You’ve had a Big Idea and it’s good… but now you’re worried that it’s going to be diluted when it comes to other teams writing copy for all the different channels.

You’ve been told your copy’s good, it’s just ‘not quite right’. Oh, and no one can point to what’s not right about it.

Actually, maybe everyone round here doesn’t agree on what the brand voice is.

Or worse, they do agree but defining it in four adjectives (Warm, Friendly, Human, and Approachable) doesn’t help.

You need to flex the voice in different channels on different occasions…and you’re not sure how to brief that while keeping the voice consistent.

You know that investor relations, legal and the sales team have to be allowed to write their own copy, but isn’t there some practical guidance you can give them, rather than telling them “to stop writing in the verbal equivalent of sandpaper/spaghetti/starbursts”?

No, none of them? Well, come along for a free sandwich instead.

Writing in Real Life isn’t just about how good a writer you are. It’s about building a wider understanding of the ‘magic and mechanics’ of brand language.

Come along and hear how:

– You were born a linguistic analyst and can naturally spot the 3 levels on which your brand voice works.
– You can help other people understand those 3 levels – and so critique better and feel comfortable buying the copy.
– You can flex the voice in different channels but still keep it consistent.
– Other internal and external agencies build agreement more quickly
– And, if there’s enough time, why pigs make the best pets and what that means for the next big report you have to write.

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Come along for an hour (and yes, a sandwich) and find out more about copywriting training courses.

About Verbal Identity

We are writers, strategists and linguistics experts: super-specialists in the magic and mechanics of language. We know how language creates thinking. And how – if you shape the language of your company, your comms and your customers – you shape what people think and do, read more…

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