Why every successful organisation has a guiding narrative.

And how brand storytelling can align the leadership team with yours. The fact that “85% of strategy never gets off the page” isn’t just a waste of resources. It’s a waste of people’s lives. Read how brand storytelling can make a corporate narrative come to life. ...
The full stop lives on in Fashionland

The full stop lives on in Fashionland

A linguists’ stroll down Lamb’s Conduit Street.   The full stop is a relic of WhatsApp-free years gone by. Or so it might seem, until you set foot on the achingly hip retail avenue that is London’s Lamb’s Conduit Street, where artfully placed full stops are this...

What’s your brand’s narrative?

Popular conceptions of narrative are fundamentally wrong. But this doesn’t mean some narratives aren’t more enduring than others. Here are our favourites for branding. Previously, we discussed universal narratives. Despite what you may have read, they don’t exist....

Why do brands need narratives?

And how do you give a tangible narrative to an intangible product?   Simply, brands need narratives because our brains are wired to look for them. We were able to evolve from a chaos of noises, opportunities, over-stimulation and predators only because we could...

“Jane Walker” by Johnnie Walker

“Jane Walker” by Johnnie Walker

What happens when the 3 levels of your brand’s voice clash?   You might have noticed that Johnnie Walker recently released a limited edition ‘Jane Walker’ whisky. It’s received mixed reactions. Some people have criticised it as a ‘patronising’ and ‘lazy’...

DIY brand voice audit

Why you should – and how you can – audit your brand’s voice   BEFORE YOU CHANGE YOUR BRAND VOICE – MEASURE HOW IT’S DOING. We’re working with brand owners all around the world to make their brand voice more distinctive, more valuable. One thing I always say is...

How to help technical people become storytellers

How do you help exceptional people tell exceptional stories? Here comes the science bit…   It’s odd. Three times in the last month, with three different clients, I’ve been asked the same question: “Our experts keep confusing their audiences with technical talk....

Finding a name for a changing world

Finding a name for a changing world

Understanding the evolution of naming trends in cybersecurity As any industry matures, naming becomes a more and more challenging prospect. How do you develop a name creative enough to capture someone’s attention and memorable enough to keep it as consumer needs...

Every business needs an elevator pitch

Every business needs an elevator pitch

How to make people notice first time around To you, it’s obvious why your offering is going to change lives. But you don’t have time to talk every investor, partner or potential customer through all the reasons why. This is where an elevator pitch makes all the...

Luxury Vs. Ultra-luxury

How the world’s most expensive car brands speak, and speak differently.   After 6pm, London’s Mayfair is a mini-Monaco. Light bounces off the chrome detailing of supersized ultra-luxury cars, sitting nose-to-pipe outside exclusive members’ clubs. Meanwhile, a...

Why you need an elevator pitch

Why you need an elevator pitch

The curse of knowledge: you know what’s special about your offering, but it’s so intuitive, you’re having difficulty explaining it to other people. The fix? An elevator pitch. Learn why you need one and how to make your own.


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