Copywriter Training Courses

copywriting workshop

You can’t hire the best writers.

You grow them.

Training writers who already know your business is the most cost-effective way of improving communications.

From Day 1, projects speed up. Consumers are engaged. Customer service outcomes improve. Sales decks sell. Everyone communicates on brand

But, after training hundreds of writers and non-writers in copywriting training courses around the world, we know this isn’t just about skills. It’s about changing behaviours – which is why, uniquely, all our courses include follow up with 1:1 coaching.

Build a constant flow of engaging, commercially successful on-brand language

How Vauxhall saved thousands of hours with copywriter training

Copywriting Training Courses

Helping good copywriters be great. Training non-writers to be good enough. Writing long reports faster. Merging SEO with creativity. Writing marketing presentations that keep an audience listening. Teaching tech teams to be storytellers. Helping account teams to write compelling proposals. And training everyone to write in your new tone of voice… the most effective copywriting training courses are designed around your specific needs. We identify your team’s skills and gaps, build realistic goals and then design the best copywriting training course to make your teams more successful – always making sure that we ‘coach’ rather than just ‘inform’, with everyone having 1:1 follow ups tuned to their own, specific needs.
copywriting training

Co Op boosted customer engagement by training different departments to write better, faster

JLP hired Verbal Identity to mentor the copywriters and their managers

Copywriter Managers’ Training

More content, less time, same budget: sound familiar? The commercial success of a copywriting team depends on the confidence and skills of their manager. We run 1:1 coaching programs for managers who want to give constructive feedback, motivate a team under pressure or re-inspire their teams to get greater engagement. For retailers, tech businesses and b2b service providers, we’ve helped these managers increase their copywriting team’s commercial effectiveness by as much as 700%.

Companywide writing training programs

Being able to express your ideas in writing is a
key life skill. We’ve taught the fundamentals to
undergraduates at Oxford University, helped
funeral directors in Manchester, rocket
scientists in California and retailers in India.
When everyone can write more clearly, ideas
move faster and the whole company benefits.
Our companywide writing training programs
are for everyone and last 1+ years.

An awarding winning agency trained their teams – and won more awards

Transform your company’s performance by transforming the performance of your writers and managers.


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