Communities of Practice for copywriters

What are Communities of Practice?

And how can you use them to help your copywriters?

Back in 1991, two cognitive anthropologists, Jean Lave and Etienne Wegner, discovered something remarkable.

Street gangs don’t use agenda. But still they seem to thrive through sharing knowledge rapidly.

The same thing happened with groups of nurses and successful teams in general.

What does this mean for managers of copywriting teams?

And how you can get more out of copywriting training courses?

You can improve your brand tone of voice by creating communities of practice for your copywriters.

For the price of a pizza.

Creating communities of practice for copywriters is one of the topics I discussed in my first best-selling book.

Here’s Chapter 45, “Smoking Behind the Bike Shed” from my best-selling book on creating best-selling brands, STRONG LANGUAGE.


If you’d like to know more about making your copywriting teams more effective, here’s the book: STRONG LANGUAGE

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