How can you make your brand writers more effective? Here’s a simple and cost-effective method of Copywriters’ Training. From STRONG LANGUAGE, the #1 best-selling Tone of Voice book

Once you’ve done your copywriters’ training, you’re all good, right?
Not quite.
You need to keep training and embedding the learning.
Coaching is also good.
But what’s the most cost-effective way to improve your brand writing?

In this extract from the #1 best-selling book on brand tone of voice (Strong Language, by Verbal Identity’s founder), Chris West shares tips on the most cost-effective way to help your brand writers keep improving.

Interested in finding out more about Copywriters’ Training Courses?
Chris runs regular courses, workshops and, for those not yet sure, Lunch and Learn sessions.
Currently, Chris is rated 4.85/5 on his feedback.
Copywriters’ training courses include Defining the Brand Voice, Brand Narrative, Consistent but Flexible… and many, many more.
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