A great brand voice makes all your marketing work harder

More channels, more messages, faster, faster, faster…
here’s how a clear brand tone of voice makes it all work together.


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We make sure your brand is listened to, not just heard

A consistent brand voice is as important as a consistent visual identity: it makes sure all your marketing is working together.
We define your tone of voice, build practical guidelines and templates, then train everyone so all your channels have one compelling voice.

A strategic voice

A brand’s tone of voice should be as finely tuned as all your brand assets.

Consistent but flexible

Define your brand’s voice fully and you can flex it for different channels.

Locked and loaded

Practical guidelines and training help everyone use the new voice, from Day 1.

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How we do it

A distinctive brand voice wins more customers, deepens their loyalty and de-positions rivals.

We start with your brand strategy, research your most successful competitors’ voices, and then work with you to target the precise brand voice that will cut through and engage.

We define your brand voice with our proprietary framework that’s been developed over 10 years and proven in businesses of every size in every industry.

More than just ‘tone of voice’, this framework identifies every level of a brand voice and makes sure they all reinforce each other.

But guidelines aren’t worth much without the training that changes people’s habits. That’s why, we’ve become highly respected for our writers’ and non-writers’ training and coaching programs.

Why we're here

Sometimes people in your team just need a little more training in writing so they can be more ‘you’, more often. Perhaps you want to sharpen your brand voice so it’s up to date and competitive and starts attracting customers. Occationally, you can see that definining the brand voice and narrative will help you define who you are as business and help you grow faster.

Our Founding Partner, Chris West, has been immersed in language (business, brand, corporate narratives and even film) for more than 20 years. He cares deeply about helping others write with more impact. 

Insights, tips and keeping up to date

It’s Chris here. I think every business is different and every project is different, so I love chatting about what you’re trying to do with your business and how you think language could help. A solemn promise: I’ll never pitch you our services. Never.
If you’d like an agenda-free chat,  click on one of the red  ‘TALK TO CHRIS’ buttons anywhere on this page.

If you’re not quite ready to talk right now but would like to stay in touch, twice a month I share insights into how language is being used and tips on how to make things work better. Fill in your details below and I’ll share with you as well.

Example engagements

There really is no ‘typical’ project but we understand that creating a brand tone of voice and training everyone in it can be an unusual project. So as a guide, here are some examples

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We like to share our experience and chat about what language can do.

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