Corporate Narrative and Brand Storytelling

A Corporate Narrative and Brand Storytelling agency workshop with Verbal Identity

Agile competitors. Tech disruption. Fickle customers. Hmmm, what’s everyone meant to do now?

As the world gets more complex, brand teams need to keep things simple. Everyone needs to agree on the answers to two fundamental questions: Who are we? What do we stand for?

Then, teams are freed to use their imagination. Decisions happen faster. Fewer questions make their way to the CEO’s office. Our proprietary “8S” framework and workshops define your value proposition and corporate narrative with emotional alignment baked in. More than “brand storytelling”, 8S has been used by the leaders of large and small companies to guide their teams and direct more than $1bn of investment.

Corporate Narrative and Brand Storytelling Work

Read how Hunter increased global sales by 19% with brand storytelling

A Framework for Business Storytelling

You can’t outperform your competitors by trying to be more like them. 8S works ‘inside out’ – using research, interviews and linguistics to uncover your brand’s DNA and unique appeal. Then, using strategic insights and well-established creative skills, we create an emotionally powerful corporate narrative and brand stories. 8S stands simply for “8 Slides”. Each slide focusses on just one element: your customer’s mindset, your brand’s values, and what makes relationship between you and your customers stick. Over time, this has proven to be comprehensive enough to give people guidance, but short enough to be memorable.

GLTC used 8S to successfully pivot to online

0-60 countries, fuelled by content

Direct investment and company development with a famous vision

The final stage is creating the Famous Vision – the organising thought, imprinted in the minds of everyone in your organisation. In 12 words or less, it unforgettably defines what you do and what you stand for, and so empowers everyone in your organisation to make the right decisions as they respond to the changing world around them. Time and again, as the 8S Framework is presented to the Board, Investors and the wider company, the simplicity of the format has made ‘the truth from within’ credible, memorable and actionable. 

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