Word of the Year 2016

Every year, OED announces a word as it’s Word of the Year. The word for 2016 has just been announced.

Looking back, the OED’s Word of the Year often acts a geological marker of changing society. In 2008, it was ‘bailout’. 2011 was ‘occupy’. And way back when The Simpsons first went on air, The Word of the Year was ‘bushlips’ – in reference to Bush Senior’s broken promises.

Sometimes, though, the Word of the Year is just a publicity-generating stunt… Was last year really best represented by ‘Emoji’? Or, sometimes, the Word of the Year is just a bit lazy. In an effort to acknowledge digital progression, 1998’s was the singular letter ‘e’.


This year’s word is (drum roll please)


A hyphenate no less. A simple un-nuanced word won’t do this year.

As a word, the hyphenated modifier is a symbol of complex thought. In itself, it represents the polarisation of society.

In a world where the educated rationalists are deaf to all feeling, they have to elevate that which they do have control over – academia.

‘Post-truth’ feels right to us. Honestly.