Why reading poetry can help you formulate brand strategy

CEOs are a hard-nosed, numbers-driven bunch.

So how can reading poetry help them?

Exploring a poem is neurologically analogous to exploring data.

Reading poetry stretches your mental muscles in specific ways.

Researchers at the University of Exeter have shown that poetry stimulates brain areas linked to recollection and introspection.

data overload

It also develops your ability to empathise with other people and perspectives.

It encourages you to see the big picture from different angles.

So, the skills you gain from reading poetry help you to use complex information to arrive at a point of clarity.

This is useful because, as Clare Morgan of Oxford University points out, if you’re a CEO, you have to navigate ambiguity when making strategic decisions.

Of course, once you’ve reached a point of clarity in your own head, you need to be able to communicate it to everyone else.

You could do that by writing a poem, but it’s probably better to write a mission statement, which we’ll be discussing next week.

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