What (and who) marketers should know about text analytics.

Justin was staying at the Kensington Garden Hotel, London, last week – also the scene also of the 2012 Text Analytics Summit and as various presentations ended, there were (coincidental) screams of joy and hysteria from the hundreds of schoolgirl fans camped outside.

Verbal identity is a fan of Seth Grimes.The other person who deserves our  screams is Seth Grimes, who has been championing this field for years and speaks clearly and knowledgeably on the subject. To be honest, I understand about  1/10th of some of the stuff he says. But in a recent blog post, he nailed it for me, summing up in one paragraph why the marketing, branding and verbal identity world show know more about text analytics.

If you want to read the full post, it’s here.

Social sentiment matters! « Breakthrough Analysis.

But in the 5th paragraph, Seth says, “Advanced analyses monitor and measure sentiment and often much more, linking sentiment to demographics, customer profiles, behaviors, and transactional records. ” 

I think that penultimate word is worth about $1Billion a year.

He finishes that paragraph with the perfect promise, “Sentiment analysis means better targeted marketing, faster detection of opportunities and threats, brand-reputation protection, and the ultimate aim, profit.”

I’m a Belieber, are you?