What About Us says about you.

We’ve been asked by a tech firm to develop the brand and strategy for the launch of an entirely new wearable technology product.

Lucky us.

It’s the latest verbal identity project where we’ve developed a tone of voice that can flex across the complete range of communications.

Good old us.

The  biggest challenge is to define the marketing of an entirely new brand, in an entirely new product sector.

Wish us luck.

The trickiest part has been writing the About Us section – as it isn’t about us. We discovered these sections have a set of verbal codes all of their own.

(Clever old us.)

If you’re a young start up company, your About Us section needs to remind people you’re not a company at all – you’re a bunch of utopian-seeking, wonderful guys who are into “letting” other wonderful guys find utopia. In fact, About Us is usually about “you” (by which we mean, them. Not you.) And it’s about “life’s great pleasures” being “curated by tastemakers” which “can be accessed anywhere.” Often, by “anyone.” How? “Easily.”What’s separating “everyone” from utopia now is  “just a click.”

Money? Numbers? It’s not about money. Or numbers.

Well, not until you’ve launched.

Then it’s all about the numbers. If you’re FourSquare, you already have a community of “over 30 million people worldwide.” If you’re Dropbox, you’ve already made sure that, thanks to you, “over 100 million people on every continent always have their stuff to hand.” If you’re airbnb, you’re doing it in “33,000 cities and 192 countries.” That doesn’t mean you’re only about the numbers. Your About Us section needs to remind people that the guys who came up with the idea, even though they met in 2007/8/9 “while working in the same office space (at different companies)”/on a bench/at MIT  are still hard at it. Although now, it’s a tiny bit different to the day when they were working “on Dennis’ kitchen table.”

Our clients are still definitely in the wonderful guys stage.

First products are due to ship in June.

We’ll let you know how it goes.

Of course, if we start talking numbers, you’ll know it’s going well.

Are you writing an About Us? If so, we’d love to hear more.

Talk to us.