Wahey all the way


Virgin are a braver brand than many.

Few brands would be happy to use the word ‘Wahey!’ in customer-facing comms.

Whether or not this tone of voice is to your taste, it’s at least trying to be different.

There’s a small problem, though, when you read this screen.

I’m talking about the sentence that says ‘If you wish to view or edit your booking’.

Here’s the problem I have:

Consistency is what strengthens a brand voice.

Think of the sort of person who might say ‘Wahey!’, who uses 2 exclamation marks in one headline, and who says ‘bits and bobs’.

(I’m thinking of a friend of mine from Newcastle, probably after he’s had a couple.)

Would that person also say ‘If you wish’, or would they say ‘if you want’?

Would they say ‘view’ or would they say ‘see’?

It’s only a detail, but it breaks the spell.

It makes the brand feel less genuine, more ‘put-on’.

What do you think?

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