Verbal Identity’s Jihadi Media Guidelines

So according to Private Eye (No 1347, 23/08-05/09), an enterprising Al Qaeda follower made a twitter request recently for some “suggestions for the development of jihadi media”.

Here are a few of Twitter’s helpful suggestions:

1)    Start every recruitment video with The A-Team theme music.

2)    Recruit Gordon Ramsay to front “Jihadi’s Kitchen”.

3)    Publish a “Rebels of the Afghan Kush” topless calendar.

Unfortunately, the account was deleted rather swiftly. But if Al Qaeda’s brand director just happens to read this blog (and let’s face it, who doesn’t these days), we’d like to table some of our own suggestions.

1)    You seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of the term “media execution”.

2)    Your current Tone of Voice comes across as overtly hostile and critical of your major audience groups. Consumers don’t like being called decadent whoremongerers, and this may be impacting your adoption rate.

3)    We feel that younger audiences are put off by your religious angle. Have you considered the merits of launching a youth outreach platform? Perhaps it could be called “Jihadibeebees”.

Whether you’re an international terrorist or not, email Chris to discuss how Verbal Identity can shape your social media strategy and brand language approach. Death threats resulting from this post should be directed to Josh, who hasn’t been getting his fair share lately.