The verbal identity sales cycle & the client’s pain

I caught up with the unstoppably interesting Morris Pentel, of the Customer Experience Foundation.

He pointed out that the length of time it takes to get involved in a project is directly proportional to the pain being experienced by the client at the time. He’s right.

In our experience with verbal identity projects:

“Something’s not right” = it’ll be about a year before we can start (paid) work.

“This is really screwed and we need your help!” = about 12 weeks.

“If someone doesn’t do something about this, we’re all out of a job!!!” = we take the contracts round with us when we go visit. 

So what happens in the early days of those projects that don’t come bearing exclamation marks?

[slideshare id=33602374&doc=wereinthevaluecreationbusinessbepreparedto-140416093408-phpapp01]

Most of the time is spent working alongside our clients discovering where  and how our work will add value.

There are only two questions that ever need answering:

Sure there’s pain, but what really needs fixing?

And how will fixing it add to the success of your company?



If you’re feeling somewhere between 0 and 3 exclamation marks worth of pain and you’re thinking of joining world-famous brands such as Marriott, SABMiller, Tourneau, Sky, Hunter Boot and Fred Perry in asking us to work with you on creating narrative, tone of voice, or messaging structure for your brand language, we hope to hear from you soon. Please email Chris or if it’s a !!! situation, get on the phone, we’ll be round.