Tone of voice is key to brands’ success on Twitter, but you still need to define the brand you want to be

A recent study investigated ‘the different ways that consumers respond to humorous, serious and more responsible approaches to the tone of voice used in a brand’s Twitter bio.’

Twitter wrote an article about the study. It concluded that tone of voice on twitter impacts consumer behaviour. How we say something makes a difference. Agreed.

But in our experience, language is more nuanced than three simple metrics.

And just writing a funnier bio isn’t enough.

You have to know what it is that you’re actually saying.

Twitter Blog Pic

As the article points out, ‘a brand’s tone of voice enhances a customer’s experience when it is in line with the purpose of your communications, since it signals what users should expect when they interact with the brand.’

Good writing starts with good thinking.

Decide your strategy. Define your verbal identity. Then start writing.

Your tone of voice should be led by your strategy, not the other way round. Being funny might get you more retweets, but Twitter is only part of the brand picture.

Do you really want a side-splitting undertakers?


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