The small, sub-conscious clues that you (you winner) can include in copy.

I’ve always believed that a good writer senses the emotion their words evoke in the reader.

Research suggests I might be right.

But it appears our moods are more subtly influenced than I suspected.

In a University of Toronto research paper, people who were slyly exposed to fast-food logos became more impatient and less likely to be thrifty.

In another study, some participants were unknowingly primed toward the pursuit of a goal with a reading task that included words such as ‘success’ and ‘achieve’.

They showed a more motivated performance.

The bad news? Those who had been primed but then failed at the subsequent puzzle had more negative emotions than those were not primed with goal-orientated words.

The small words we fight over, when we’re writing copy for brands, really do matter.

Far more than even we realised.


Source: Scientific American – Mind. December 2011