The Nat Champs winning Scrabble board. Fy? Dol? Khis?

the verbal identity of scrabble players

Nat Champs Scrabble – the winning board


It was the UK National Scrabble Championships over the weekend. Here’s the winning board. How would you have done?

At Verbal Identity when we play Scrabble, we have a house rule: you can put down obscure short words, but you must have some experience of them.

So I can put down ‘aa’ because I’ve been to Iceland and witnessed the barren volcanic landscape.

If you aspire to be a player at next year’s Nat Champs- or even want to join us at the Verbal Identity 1st Annual Christmas game of Scrabble (December 11th, Arts Club, Dover Street, London) – here are a few short words from this year’s winning board you’ll need to know:

Aecia: the fruit of the rust fungus (I was clearing some out of the garage on the weekend.)

Vela: that’s the plural of velum, a glass screen. Obviously.

Zeds: Not even going to bother explaining that one.

Khis: alternative spelling of the plural of ‘chi’, the Greek letter. Our Josh, a classicist, would have something to say about that.

Fy: to digest, pass the biscuits.

Enew: a falconry term for when you’re driving a bird into the water. I think I heard someone in Costa use it, just yesterday.

Qat: the stuff my taxi driver was chewing on the way here, I said I’m sorry I was late.

Litu: Plural of Litas, the former silver coin of Lithuania. I was given one in change at Costa, probably by that dodgy falconry guy.

Swarf: allowable if you know it’s the grit abraded from an axle, or you remember it being part of a headline from Saatchi’s in the 70s.

There you go. If there are any short words you’d like to have explained, use a dictionary. We’re busy.

But if you’d like to join us for Verbal Identity’s 1st Annual Christmas Scrabble and Beer Championship (did I mention the beer earlier? I think I should have) on December 11th in London, please let us know by email to Verbal Identity.