The best thing we didn’t write last month.


Whatever your politics, we hope you agree this is a superbly written piece by Jelani Cobb @jelani9 c/o the New Yorker.

“Sixty years ago, Central High School, in Little Rock, Arkansas, became a flash point in the nascent civil-rights movement when Governor Orval Faubus refused to abide by the Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education. Faubus famously deployed the state’s National Guard to prevent nine African-American students from attending classes at the high school. In the midst of the crisis, a high-school journalist interviewing Louis Armstrong about an upcoming tour asked the musician about his thoughts on the situation, prompting Armstrong to refer to the Arkansas governor as several varieties of “motherfucker.” (In the interest of finding a printable quote, his label for Faubus was changed to “ignorant plowboy.”) …”

You can read the whole thing here. And we think it’s worth 10 minutes of anyone’s time.