The Anderson-West Time Suck Matrix

The BCG Growth-Share Matrix is an eminently sensible way to categorise the commercial opportunity in the different parts of your business. It was developed by the hard-hitting, go-getting Boston-based management consulting group in the hard-hitting, go-getting days of the 70s.

Here’s our friend Simon Spilsbury’s illustration.

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In essence, it provides businesses with a framework for dealing with their assets. “Cash cows”, with their low cash use and high market shares, can be milked periodically without much fuss. “Stars” require an investment, but attract high returns. “Question marks” are to be avoided due to their unpredictable nature, and unprofitable, timewasting “dogs” should be sold off.

While wrestling with Outlook recently, it occurred to us that BCG, hard-hitting and go-getting as they are, had neglected to provide any insight into the darker side of business ops or real office life in general.

What about all the things that waste everybody’s time and money, and whose pursuit leads only to anger and despair?

There’s a dark, inverse to the BCG matrix and as a civic-minded company, we now present the Anderson-West GCB (Gushing Cash Bleed) Matrix.

It won’t make your life in the office better. But perhaps you’ll realise you’re not the only one banging your head on the desk at 5pm and wondering where the whole week went.

Verbal identity consultants  and brand and marketing copywriters look at where time's gone

the Anderson-West Time Suck Matrix
(illustration by Simon Spilsbury)


Verbal identity consultants and brand and marketing copywriters explain why you're not getting enough sleep

The Anderson-West matrix explained, with illustration from Simon Spilsbury















If you would like to waste even more time by replying to this blog post about timewasting, or letting us know what’s gone in your four quadrants this week, we’d be happy to reply (while we wait for Outlook to do something it started 3 hours ago).