“The 73 words that ruined my dinner and changed my life.” Guest post by Art Director Craig Lovelidge.

Years ago, a newspaper ad came out.

It was simple.

It was true.

It was clever.


It didn’t star the latest X-Factor winner.

It didn’t show a stunning woman.

It simply showed meat and two veg on a plate (and a tomato for garnish).


So it wasn’t the visual that grabbed my attention. It was the copy.


When he read a government leaflet on hygiene, the copywriter found he had almost everything he needed. All he added were a few colloquial words.

And a fantastic last sentence.


This ad has stuck with me to this day. It has embedded itself into my conscience.

If I see flies on my food I throw my food away… 73 words have had the power to make me do this.


Today, copywriting is more often what we read on the internet than in the papers.

But we need writers more than ever. Writers who keep things to a minimum. Writers who land a punch with every word they write… imagine what effect that would have.

Here’s the poster, enjoy.

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Agency: Cramer Saatchi

Year: 1970

AD: John Hegarty

CW: Mike Coughlan