The 2012 Olympic demonstration sport will be sniping.

Dark Age sends T-shirt to Verbal IdentityWhen you’re blogging, there’s something about receiving a well-made, carefully designed- and entirely free –  gift that makes your day.  Thanks to Jason Gormley, Founder of Dark Age for the lovely T-shirt. I’ll be wearing it tomorrow at a polite Sunday lunch party to see what reactions it provokes.

The T-shirt also raises the question of how England is going to treat the traditional ideals of the modern Olympics, namely sniping at organisational achievements, hurling accusations of cheating at winners, and vaulting over carefully considered opinions in the reach for jingoism. I for one can’t wait until July 27th 2012.

I won’t have to. I’ve already seen some examples of copywriters reaching for a higher, faster, weaker verbal identity in an attempt to reflect some Olympic glory in the tarnished patina of their brand, including the equating of a mum’s shopping expedition to an athletic event.

All of us educated, urban, liberal, elite need to prove our worthiness to wear these adjectives next year, so wherever you are in the world, please let me know of any Olympic-sized twaddle you spot and I’ll repost it with thanks.