Why you should take Brad Pitt into the recording studio with you

Our Chris is being interviewed by the Open University tomorrow. (Which makes a change from his being interviewed by the police.)

The recording of his views on why linguistics matters for brand language, and why brand language matters for brands, will be part of the E302 Language and Creativity and E304 Exploring English Grammar courses. We’ll make it available as soon as we’ve got a copy (and stopped laughing).

But to help him, we asked our friend Sophie at JackFM for their top tips on how to sound good on air.

Here they are:.

  1. Speak slowly. If it sounds to you like you’re speaking a bit too slowly, that’s probably perfect.
  2. Gesturing helps your voice: use your hands, even when no one can see you. It helps your voice find emphasis and changes of tone.
  3. Pauses are great: Our ears prick up when they hear a pause. So pauses, of as much as a second, keep people listening…and make you appear thoughtful.
  4. Have your Erm-killers ready: Everyone hates ‘erms’ on air. If you’re not sure what to say, buy yourself a couple of seconds with phrases such as, “That’s a really good question.” Or “This is something we were talking about just the other day.” (We like the second phrase a lot: it helps the listener build a narrative around this person and their experience).
  5. Prepare and practise: pick some questions you’d like to be asked, have a few key phrases prepared.
  6. Chin up chap! Put your notes at eye level, not down on the desk. This helps you keep your chin up and your voice flowing more naturally. Try and arrange your chair so that you’re eye-to-eye with the person interviewing you.
  7. Take a picture into the studio with you of someone who you’d like to be talking to. It might be the ideal customer, someone you love who would be interested in what you have to say, or someone you’d like to woo (like Brad Pitt).
Brad Pitt. He used to work in advertising too.

Brad Pitt. He used to work in advertising too.

For more advice, just listen to those wonderful people on air at JackFM.

Special thanks to Sophie.
And extra special thanks to Zsofia Djemen at the OU for the invite. We are honoured.

If you have any tips, we’d love to hear them.

If you’d like to hear what Chris had to say, or find out whose picture he took into the studio with him (male, bearded, 60-ish),  leave a comment below and we’ll be back in touch.