Steven Pinker talks to Verbal Identity about brands and language

Professor Steven Pinker’s new book is called “The Sense of Style” and is a guide to writing well in the 21st Century.

Our founder, Chris, was asked by Management Today (the UK’s biggest selling monthly business magazine) to review the book.

Chris was also lucky (pushy?) enough to spend an hour chatting with the two-times Pullitzer nominated Harvard Professor of psycholinguistics, and theirĀ conversation ranged from Ghostbusters to insincerity and the ‘rules’ of grammar you can safely break.

The full film of their chat will be published by Management Today very soon but in the meantime, here’s a teaser of what Steven Pinker told Verbal Identity about the importance of language for brands and branding.

Steven’s new book is out now in hardback. We will publish more snippets from our conversation with Steven Pinker in the coming days. In our next post, Steven Pinker talks to Verbal Identity about the rules of grammar you can break.

Steven Pinker's new book and how brands can writei n 21st Century