Anyone that writes in a company can write better.

We help improve the creativity, clarity and effectiveness of the writing of everyone in a business.

There is a clear case for helping brand teams to write better.

However, almost everyone inside a company is involved in writing (including emails, reports, investor relations and press releases) and so is contributing to perceptions of the brand.

We have developed a number of programs for writers and non-writers, including “Write first, right later”, “The perfect brief”, “Brand writing for e-commerce teams”, “The brand in investor relations”, “How to tell a great story” and “How to halve the time it takes to write reports (and halve the time it takes to read them).”

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 “I wanted to send you both a really big thank you. A couple of weeks in and I can really see a difference both in my own work and the directions I give the team.”

Charly M, International Media Strategist