Words should be subject to the same rigour as every other part of your brand experience.

Brand guidelines need to be clear, specific and practical. Practical guidelines help writers and non-writers write more creatively and more efficiently.

Clear guidelines help business leaders judge whether a piece of writing is on-brand and give pointers on how to improve.

Guidelines should also go beyond simple adjectives such as ‘human, friendly, approachable and warm’. We create verbal identity guidelines that are aware of the defining themes of the category, how the brand can make itself distinct within the category and the motivations of the consumers.

Guidelines from Verbal Identity play a long-term role, co-operating with other brand guidelines and typically adding value to a brand’s writing for over 5 years.

To do this, our guidelines include:

  • a full description of the brand’s tone of voice
  • the brand’s underlying narrative
  • the most effective message structures
  • how the tone of voice flexes in different channels
  • best practice examples of inspiring copy
  • words and phrases we do and don’t use

Typically, verbal guidelines are completed within 12 weeks.

We work hard to create brand guidelines which sit on every desk, not lie in the bottom of the designer’s drawer.
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