Hearing, not just listening.

Download our white paper “Text Analytics: Cold Hard Numbers and Bright Insights”

Language now dominates 8 out of 10 of the most frequently used brand channels.

Language is also the most information-dense way we have of communicating.

When you hear rather than just listen to how consumers communicate with your brand and between themselves about your brand, you gain valuable insights.

Verbal Identity selects software from third party suppliers to run text analytics programs. These identify themes, not just individual words, in consumers’ communication. We produce statistically robust insights from 10,000 or a million comments, in near real-time.

Text analytics adds value in 4 ways

  • providing the ‘why’ to the ‘what’ of customers’ behaviour already identified by analysis of the structured data
  • reducing churn, by identifying early warning signals in customers’ language
  • being the first to spot added-value opportunities, by identifying critical themes in customers’ language
  • ‘Brite Lite Insights’ – quick analysis is used to test theories and allow more confident commissioning of complex research projects.

“Language in-Language out”

Text analytics provides us with wholescale data on customer language.

We then use linguistics to develop valuable insights into how language reveals customers’ deepest motivations and beliefs.

But language is also the most easily changed of all the elements within the customer experience journey. Because our base data is language, we can use creative writing to make these insights actionable.

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