Language provides the deepest insights into what your customers are thinking.

We offer three different ways to help you better understand what your customers are trying to tell you.

We do this using a unique combination of text analytics, linguistics and psychology.

Most companies are already sitting on valuable customer information, from surveys and emails. We turn this information into a digestible, exec-friendly format and we help you to find valuable, actionable insights.

Most of our text analytics projects take 3 weeks from start date to board-ready scoreboard or presentation.

Our scoreboards can help you to improve your NPS scores, to reduce churn rate and to hear what customers really think of your products.

Here are some examples taken from real data.

Scoreboard example blue Scoreboard example anonymous products and stores Scoreboard example anonymous KPIsScoreboard example airline

1. Quarterly scoreboard


We create custom scoreboards that help you monitor your customer experience. They provide a simple, interactive window into what your customers really care about.

2. Quarterly scoreboard with analysis and actionable insights
£30,000 to £50,000

We agree on 3 areas of customer experience that need to be improved. As well as creating a custom scoreboard, we carry out detailed linguistic analysis that helps you to improve those specific aspects of your customer experience.

3. Quarterly scoreboard with analysis, insights and out-of-the-box discovery
£50,000 to £100,000

We use text analytics, linguistics and psychology to unearth connections between different themes that your customers care about. Then we present you with actionable insights to improve your customer experience based on these discoveries.