The best copywriting is a thing of magic.

Verbal Identity has created copy which made people fly on different airlines, walk in different shoes, wear new clothes, read a different newspaper and shop at a different supermarket.

We cover all forms of brand writing.

We have created language for store staff, contact centre teams and front of house members that allows them to be themselves, while still operating within clear brand frameworks.

We have also worked with Board members on speeches, the creation of roadshows and other internal communications programs.

Our founder, Chris West, is one of London’s most highly-awarded copywriters. He wrote a film which went on to win Best Film at the Barcelona Film Festival, he contributes to the Sunday Times and is a columnist at a UK luxury magazine. He has also written two brand lines which are now each recognised by over a billion people (“You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.” and Pringles’ “Once you pop, you can’t stop.”)