Not a food review, but a food menu review. (How London’s best new restaurant serves up a fresh verbal identity.)

the verbal identity of Meat Liquor's drinks menu

Something amusing to drink?

Hip new London restaurant Meat Liquor serves burgers so juicy that after eating one, you want to tell people about it.
They serve them in a place which is so artfully designed to look like a squat just after the crusties have been forcefully evicted, that you want to tell people about it.
And they introduce them to you on a menu which is written so flagrantly that it’s getting its own attention. Not just from me and the people who like verbal identity, but for example this Time Out reviewer, who gave the menu a mention ahead of the quality of the burgers.

Here’s the description of the Rosé: “If you mess around with Rosé, it tastes shite, so this is fresh and juicy and a proper session wine.”

No hint of floral notes in the language there.

How many different ways can you write “Value-for-money”? Here’s how Meat Liquor does it: The Velvet Devil Merlot is “exactly that – super smooth and tasting much posher than you would expect.”

Great writing’s never about hype. It’s about putting all the great things you put into the brand, into talking about the brand.

(Full disclosure: one of the owners of Meat Liquor is a friend of mine. I don’t tell you this out of a sense of journalistic honesty: I’m just excited that a friend of mine has set up one of London’s best restaurants. How cool is that?)