Merry Christmas. And a happy New Year?

We’d like to wish every one of our amazing, intelligent, powerful, beautiful, and let’s be frank, paying clients a merry Christmas.

If you’re not yet a client of Verbal Identity but rate yourself as equally amazing, intelligent, powerful, beautiful, and let’s be frank again, able to pay, then we wish you the same.

And if over the Christmas period you find yourself retiring to the quiet room for a think, but leave that special place still wondering how brand language can help you become even more amazing, intelligent, powerful, beautiful and yes!, able to pay, in 2014, then may we take this moment to remind you that Verbal Identity is here for you?

Our services include the creation of brand writing, brand narratives, brand language audits, writer training programs, colourful Venn diagrams, snarky emails to each other, and the occasional piece of opportunistic but highly effective writing (we got you this far, didn’t we?).

Our sincere and heartfelt thanks for a wonderful 2013 to the Big UK Supermarket we can’t talk about, the multi-national online clothing retailer we’re not allowed to mention, the humungous Finnish company whose industry sector we can’t even allude to, the hush-hush Russian new technology launch, that public school and those whisky people – and the lovely people at Hunter Boot, Fred Perry, Parkwood Leisure and the easyGroup who for some reason aren’t embarrassed to be associated with us. You have all made it a great year and we are honoured to have done the same for you.

Merry Christmas.

Chris and the team.

p.s. We will be closed from 9am-5.00 pm on 25th December for routine maintenance but you can email Verbal Identity or call Chris on 020 3053 8329 at any time. Have a Merry Christmas and a definitely Happy 2014.