‘ “Men make better writers,” my Professor told me.’ Friday guest post by Karen Cole.

Men make better writers than editors, as they are better at grasping overall subject matter.

After college, I became a copy editor.

But I found that writing was needed on each new job coming in. I had to become a ghost writer. Copy editing jobs always seemed to entail rewriting work, and I had to do background research and add in fresh material in many cases. So much for being just a woman copy editor.

Women in this field mostly face the challenge of convincing clients that their work is not mainly female-oriented in nature, or substandard. A lot of clients have said they wanted to hire me as a ghost writer in order to give their work “a woman’s special touch.” I have had to explain to them that as a ghost writer I want to give the work their own personal touch instead.

As a side note: I am semi-retired, and do limited ghost writing and editing work on projects that interest me. I contribute to our ghost writing services website every other day, and frequently ghost write articles as either guest blog posts or articles for Ezine Articles. Also, I add a post to our WordPress blog about once per week. But in the past, I used to work on three or four ghost writing projects at a time.

I think people believe that women writers do not work as hard as men writers, and that female writers add something to their writing that constitutes a feminine or women’s touch, while they think that male writers are “hard-hitting,” “thought-provoking,” “research-oriented,” “non-fluff,” and more journalistic or investigative than female writers. In fact, I have written several well-researched technical pieces, one of which was used in the University of Washington’s geothermic research program, and I’ve written investigative journalism too – one of my pieces may have brought down an online video game that was subjecting teenage girls to offers of real-life prostitution, offering teens adult gambling and using other mob-style methods to corrupt what was supposed to be a T-for-Teens game.

So which would you rather hire? A man or a woman, or just a good writer?



Verbal Identity is delighted to host this Friday guest post from Karen Cole. Karen is President and Founder of Ghost Writer, Inc. and has been writing and editing since before 1980, so she does indeed know what she’s doing.


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