Congratulations. If you’ve found this page, you worked out that Nabokov’s favourite colour is Mauve.

If you’re looking to create Easter Eggs for your brand, here are some key things to bear in mind:

Choose something that customers don’t use all the time. If you’re making something hard to find, make sure that it’s not something that your customers need access to regularly.

Make it rewarding for true fans of your brand. When you’re creating your Easter Egg, be bold. You can really push your brand’s values to their limits, or bring in references from other aspects of culture that your fans love.

Don’t shout about it. Let people discover it for themselves. If you want more people to discover it, think about how you could feed them the information indirectly.

You’re not looking for maximum awareness. Your KPIs should be around deep engagement a few people, rather than being seen briefly by everyone.

Don’t get carried away. If you have early success, and people get excited about it, don’t mistake that for widespread appeal (like Snap did). When it comes to Easter Eggs, it’s far better to leave people wanting more, than feeling queazy from over-indulging.

If you want to define your brand and your customers so clearly that you could think of 5 great Easter Egg ideas in 30 seconds, then get in touch.