Verbal Identity is honoured that a global brand as famous and historic as Marriott Hotels and Resorts has asked us to help them develop their brand re-imagining.

We are also thrilled by the scale of ambition they have come to us with. The team at Marriott Hotels and Resorts want to make the brand as relevant and successful in the next fifty years as it has been in the last fifty.

We will work with Marriott Hotels and Resorts’ senior VP and his closest team in Washington, enhancing the work that has been done by Adam Morgan and his team at EatBigFish, London.

Our work will involve linguistics and creative writing, and a few late nights, to define the brand audience, the proposition and the brand’s key values.

Capturing a brand in words is never easy. Here, though, the brand is an ever-changing mix of the wide variety of human and physical embodiments of the company, and the million different activities that are performed every day by the team members.

The work will be complete by late Summer 2012.


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