Language reflects culture

Part of our eclectic reading schedule is The Harvard Business Review and in the April issue (pp.32-3) we found this Idea Watch article tracking the rise and fall of certain management buzzwords.

The HBR used Google’s Ngram Viewer, which plots the relative frequency of words in 5 million books published from 1500 to 2008.

Ngram is a lot of fun (if somewhat ‘old fun’- sorry HBR, we expect you to be leading, not 3 years behind). My own personal favourite plot, being a little bit London/media/W11, was ‘Notting Hill’ Vs ‘Queen’s Park’.

Ngram reflects culture. It reflects population moves. It reflects management obsessions. It reflects a lot of things. It does all this because words are the currency of civilisations.


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PPS If you’d like to read about a few more fun things you can do with nGram, check out the wonderful Ben Zimmer’s article in Atlantic Magazine (link: )