Just Three Words?

I loved Saatchi’s.

I learned lots.

Lots about advertising.

Lots about business.

(About chutzpah, too.)

And about writing.

Especially writing headlines.

The best headlines?

Just three words.

Why 3 words?

I don’t know.

“Less is more”?

“One thought only”?


Verbal Durkan diet?

No one knows.

But it works:

Effective Tory posters.

Labour Isn't Working

Classic BA ads.

Hooray For Holidays

Internal mission statements:

“Nothing is impossible.”

(Now, that’s chutzpah.)

All 3 words.

Have a go.

Tightening your thinking.

Loosening your thinking.

Nothing is impossible.

Even big ideas.

A Presidential campaign?

Yes We Can

Why 3 words?

I don’t know.

Perhaps it’s this.

When you’re communicating:

Communicate one thing.

Just one thought.

Just three words.