How Words Work.

HWW cover and first page

Which word was worth billions to the shampoo market?

What’s the most genius thing about Apple’s Genius Bar?

Whose speeches make the biggest impact: your CEO’s or your retail staff’s?

Why are some tomatoes more profitable than others?

Who has to publish more words tomorrow morning: the CMO of a medium-sized brand or the editor of The Guardian?

How can a penguin help explain Elon Musk’s Tesla success?

You’ll find the answers to these and other questions in our new book, ‘How Words Work’.

We created it to open the eyes of CEOs and CMOs to the value that smart language can add to their business.

As it turned out, more and more people have been asking us for a copy. Soon you’ll be able to buy it on Amazon. If you’d like to get it sooner, email us.

Here are a few kind things that people have said about it:

“How Words Work is a brilliant, funny, clever, gripping, fresh, interesting and insightful book. It taught me things. It made me laugh out loud. It made me do that thing when you put your hand on your forehead and go, ‘Ah! Of course!’ And it’s beautifully designed so a pleasure to read…if you have a keyboard or a pen, you should read How Words Work.” Sarah Russell, Copywriter

Here’s a thing: a book you can read in half an hour that will set you thinking for days on end. Congratulations to Chris West for writing such an engaging manifesto for the powerful role that the right words have in shaping brands. Superb creative design and pagination too. Hats off…” Adrian Webb, Director, GoCompare

“‪The writing in this inspired me to rip a few things up and start again. It’s good to have a slap around the back of the head now and then.” Georgie Wood, Copywriter

“Funny, smart and sharp.” Andy Hayes, MD, Quietroom

“Essential reading for anyone who uses words. Namely, ALL OF US!” Fred Burt, Founder, Olix Consulting

“A masterclass in concise, insightful writing about writing” Tom Albrighton, Copywriter

“An excellent showcase of the power of language in business.” Jonathan Staines, Planning Director, BWP Group

“It is filled with simple but devastatingly effective ideas.It’s not a manual, it’s more a companion that freshens up your thinking and helps you see writing with fresh eyes.” Ben Locker, Copywriter

“This brief tract contains so many gems, we’ll be riffing around them for years to come. Definitely a first reader advantage here…” Will Awdry, Creative Director, Big Fish